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Donations however little or large can be made at the local Post Office


23/1/06 UPDATE:

We now have the new mini-ramp installed as can be seen, but as the site has not yet been inspected, it is not yet open to the public. Before this is possible, we shall also have to add another layer of ply to smooth the curve which at present is better adapted to BMXs than skateboarders. It will also have to be painted and then inspected and reassessed for insurance.  We do hope it won't all take too long!

Once all is sorted out, we will have an official launch and skateboarding demonstration by a local expert, so those interested should watch this space!

We're still very keen for the support of other users and their parents wherever possible as it is proving quite a challenge for our small group to maintain alone. Please contact me or Caroline if you can offer any help (see contact details below).

Helen Boyles

8/11/05 UPDATE:

Galmpton Youth Project now has secure surrounding fencing and is currently arranging the purchase of a mini ramp. The skatepark will have to be closed temporarily until the ramp is installed.

Thank you very much to everyone in the village who has supported the skatepark. We are now looking for parents of young skatepark users who would be interested in helping to take over the responsibility for running this facility as the children of those who established the facility are now grown up or on the point of leaving home! We would also appeal to anyone who knows of a cheaper insurance option (less than 700 ) than the one we currently have!

Helen Boyles

As part of the plans to replace the pavilion at the memorial playing fields in Galmpton a skate board park has been built in the corner of the playing field adjacent to the Dartmouth Road

The youth members and organisers of the Galmpton Youth Project would like to thank all the people that helped construct the park and to everyone who made donations. Many thanks.

Contact: Galmpton Youth Project organisers. Helen Boyles on +44 (0)1803 845761 or Caroline Langworthy on +44 (0)1803 846168



 Galmpton Residents Association Support

Youth Project

To support the provision of recreational facilities for teenagers in the village.

The primary aim at present is to fund the provision of a skateboarding facility which will be sited at the bottom of the Pavilion playing field on an aria of waste, but level ground just beyond the football pitch. This will occupy an area roughly 10 by 12 metres and has already received planning permission and further council inspection.

The interim is to eventually have this facility managed and funded as far as possible by the Galmpton Youth Project themselves (with continuing discreet adult support).

Eventually, we would also like to ensure that there is provision inside the completed Pavilion building for young people to meet and use other small scale recreational equipment such as TVs, computer games, with additional refreshment facilities.


Need for Facility

We strongly feel the lack of any suitable designated site within the village where young people can skate safely. They are currently using the main road through the village as well as other local hard surface areas like the Churston Broadway shops which is both annoying to local residents and potentially dangerous. Minor accidents have already occurred.


Commitment to project

  • Shown in organisation of charitable group in July '02

  • Organisation of regular meetings where action plans are discussed and implemented

  • Fundraising activities including stalls at local fairs, carol-singing and line of pennies in Brixham High Street with others planned. The chief fundraisers have been the young people themselves who have clearly demonstrated their serious commitment to the project

  • Enlisting support from other local charities like the Brixham Lions to whom we have shown reciprocal support

  • Local newspaper coverage of fundraising events (available to view for anyone interested)

  • Plans for official definition of skateboarding club with paying members to ensure long term maintenance of site and equipment

  • Application to made to sources of funding

  • Bank account opened at HSBC

  • Many local contacts made including with local police who have pledged support

Current achievement

Raising of 500 which has helped pay for cost for redundant but newly completed equipment offered at reduced cost by Kingsbridge Youth Group.

Galmpton Youth Project raised 65 at the Gooseberry Pie Fair and an additional 30 was raised at a car boot sale on 31st July!


Commitment to General Pavilion Project

  • Besides supporting the pavilion project in a 'user' capacity, We have also been involved in organising fund raising activities for the project as a whole, such as last Jubilee Street party, 2002. We acknowledge our responsibility to remain supportive of the aims of the Pavilion Trust to supply and maintain an essential community facility.



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