Galmpton has a large area of common grass land on its perimeter which most visitors see when they first approach the village travelling from Paignton. Once a year during the summer months the long grass is harvested for animal feed by the local farmer which apart from its distinctive cut grass aroma is a lovely sight in the evening sun! On the edge of the Common there are boulders which prevent vehicles from entering the area which includes bench seating for visitors to rest and enjoy the surroundings. Click here for history >>

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(Info supplied by past Chairwoman Joan Mazumdar)

Did you know there was a hangman's cross once upon a time on the common? Bones were found there many years ago when one of the utility companies were digging down near Windy Corner to lay a pipe.  It appears the chap was a smuggler as a thumb bone was missing! Apparently it was common for them to remove a thumb from men as punishment for stealing etc! Also his hanging at that prominent point high up was to represent a warning to other like-minded individuals!


PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY THROUGH THE VILLAGE. Many local pet owners use the Common for taking their dogs for a walk and doggy bins are provided if needed, although be warned some owners can be forgetful! Also care should be taken when driving into the village along Langdon Lane as some dogs tend to be over excited with their freedom and suddenly cross the road which could cause an accident!






On the Dartmouth Road side of the Common there is a war memorial and not very far away on the inner side of the Common there is an Old Windmill which although clearly seen is not open to the public. This mill is said to have been built about 1810, it was worked in the early nineteenth century and is shown on Greenwood's map of 1827. cont >>

By tradition, it ceased operation after a fire. Built of limestone, it had a store at ground floor level and four floors above. It is possibly unique with a circular wall forming an artificial platform around the foot of the tower from which the sails were set. It is one of only 9 in the country and one of only 4 which still stand to its original height of about 35ft and has an internal diameter of 14ft 6in at its base. The tower can be seen from the Brixham - Paignton road (A379). (plan above)

Item: #154, Posted: 27/10/03 on the windmill.com web site

The listed stone windmill tower at Galmpton, Devon is currently subject to planning application 03/1678/LB. These plans are for a modern themed conversion, with a part glazed viewing turret and a decked balcony at first floor level. There is strong local opposition to the plans, since they are seen to be loosing much of the historical value of the tower, which despite its current derelict state, is a prominent local monument.


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Galmpton wildlife

In the fields around the village you can see many animals

The old Windmill
Situated on the village common and seen when driving to Brixham

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