30/1/06  Minutes of Torbay Council Meeting held 23/1/06


Churston With Galmpton Ward

Land At 9-11 Dart View And 37-40 Hill Rise, Brixham

14 Dwellings (12 Flats And 2 Houses)


Site Details

The application site relates to the site of six two-storey dwelling houses.  Two of these houses are situated in Dart View Road and the remaining four in Hillrise.  Both of these roads are cul-de-sacs, accessed from Langdon Lane.  The land on the site slopes in a northerly direction.  To the north, east and south are residential properties.  To the west there are fields. 


In the Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011 there is no specific allocation relating to the site.  The adjoining land to the west is within the Galmpton conservation area, and is allocated as Countryside Zone and Area of Great Landscape Value.


Relevant Planning History

None relating to the site.


Relevant Policies

PPS1 "Delivering sustainable development" 2005

PPG3 "Housing" 2000

In the Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011 the following policies are relevant:

HS       Sets out a sustainable housing strategy

H2        Promotes sustainable forms of new development

H6        Affordable housing will be secured on residential sites that meet the threshold requirements

H9        Requires a high standard of design, taking into account characteristics of existing environment

H10      Supports development at maximum densities

BES     Requires new development to conserve or enhance the built environment

BE1     Requires design of new development to take account of the wider context

BE2     Encourages use of recycled and waste materials

T25      Maximum car parking standards are set out in the schedule

T26      Requires a safe standard of access

CF7     Educational contributions

EP1     Supports energy efficient design

EP6     Supports development of derelict, vacant or underused sites which result in beneficial reuse of land.



The application is submitted in full to demolish the six houses on the site and to erect 12 flats and 2 houses.  The submitted plans show the site split into two sections.  The northern part of the site (shown as phase 1 on the plan)  would be accessed from Dart View road and would comprise two buildings, one comprising two flats and the other larger building would consist of four flats.  Both buildings would be set further towards Dart View Road than the existing dwellings on the site.  They would both be two storeys in height.  There would be a new road between the two buildings that would form the access to six parking spaces.


The southern part of the site (shown as phase 2 on the plan) would comprise a terrace of six flats and a pair of semi detached dwellings.  These buildings would be set further forward than the adjoining dwellings to the south, but would be on a similar building line to the existing dwellings.  Nine parking spaces would be provided in the front curtilage of the site.  The dwelling houses would be two storeys in height and the flats would be three storeys.  Proposed materials would be brick elevations, concrete interlocking tiled roof and white UPVC windows. 


A letter has been received from the agent confirming that the application has been submitted on behalf of Riviera Housing Trust, who will be the provider of the proposed dwellings.  The proposal would be to supply affordable homes as a Rental Sector Landlord.  Confirmation is given of the agreement to entering into a S106 agreement that the development would comprise affordable housing.



Environment Agency: This site falls within a catchment that has a long history of flooding.  SUDs advice should be heeded.

Drainage: Surface water discharge to public sewers must not increase as a result of this development.

Highways: Observations awaited.

Urban Design Officer: Observations awaited.

Strategic Planning: No objection in principle, design needs to be carefully considered, the need for small units should be considered and proposed tenure of dwellings should be established.

Housing Services: Observations awaited.



15 letters of objection (three from the same address) that raise the following points and are reproduced at Page S.204:

-           Large development

-           Taller buildings will result in loss of views

-           Three storey buildings would be detrimental to beautiful landscape

-           Langdon lane has no pavements and is used as a walking route to school, any traffic increase would be detrimental and dangerous

-           Additional traffic in Dart View road

-           Loss of privacy

-           Loss of light

-           One of properties to be demolished it attached to 7 Dart View Road

-           Increase in noise from new parking area

-           Proposal is out of character with the village

-           Development would be disruptive

-           Insufficient parking

-           Emergency and refuse vehicles would be hampered

-           Dwellings should be set back

-           Use of face brickwork is alien to street scene

-           The application form is incorrect

-           When will tenants be relocated?

-           Where are plans for capping and making safe mine workings under the site

-           Has subsidence on plot stopped?

-           Delay in plans being available for public inspection.


Key Issues/Material Considerations

The main issues are the principle of demolition and redevelopment of the site, the form and design of the proposed development, the impact of the proposal on the amenity of adjoining occupiers, highway issues and the provision of contributions towards public transport and education.


The principles of making efficient use of land, and utilising previously developed land are incorporated in both PPG3 and Policy HS of the Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011.  Therefore there would be no objection to the overall concept of demolishing existing low density residential development and replacing it with residential development that makes a more efficient use of the land.


However, both Government guidance and the Torbay Local Plan 1995-2011 identify that new development should be of a high quality that reflects the physical and environmental constraints of the location.  In this case the application is within a village location, on a sloping site and adjacent to land that is allocated as Countryside Zone and Area of Great Landscape Value.  These are important constraints on the form of development that would be appropriate on the site.


As submitted, it is considered that the proposal would fail to respect its setting.  The most notable issues are that there would be a dominant three storey element incorporating bulky dormer windows.  This design solution is not consistent with the general character of dwellings within the village.  It has a more dominant urban character that would be better suited in a town location.   The dormer windows would be overly large and would detract from the appearance of the development.  Its relationship with the adjoining land to the west which is allocated as Countryside Zone and AGLV is also material.  In addition the proposal to finish the buildings in brick would not respect the appearance of the existing built form.  The development on the site currently steps up the hillside to reflect the increase in height of the ground levels.  The proposal fails to achieve this, resulting in a disjointed layout of development that does not relate to the topography and established form of buildings in the location.  There is also concern about relating to the established layout of buildings in Dart View Road.  The Urban Design officer's report is awaited which will address the form, siting and design of the proposal.


Local residents have expressed concern about the impact of the proposal on their amenity.  The property that would be most affected by the development would be 7 Dart View Road.  There would be increased noise and activity at the rear of this property from the formation of the parking area adjacent to their rear garden.  The relationship of buildings could be improved by moving plots 13 and 14 further away from the road.  The occupants concerns about damage to their property are a civil matter that cannot be addressed through the planning system.


Considerable concern has been raised in respect of the potential increase in traffic on Langdon Road, which is used as a walking route to school and has no pavements.  Local residents are concerned about the impact of the proposal on highway safety in the area.  The highway engineer's advice in respect of this issue is awaited.  It is anticipated that a financial contribution towards the provision of education would be required.


The proposal would result in a net decrease in the number of dwelling houses on the site.  There would therefore be no requirement for the payment of public transport contributions. 


The agent has been asked to provide additional information in respect of the need for the proposed accommodation, which would include nine one-bedroom flats.  The Fordham study (2003) identified a need for houses within Torbay.  Housing services have also been asked to comment on this issue.


The stability of the site due to former mine workings has been raised by a local resident.  This matter could be addressed by means of a condition.


Sustainability - The proposal would make effective use of a brownfield site and would be sustainable.


Crime and Disorder - There are no grounds to indicate that the proposal would increase the risk of crime in the area.


Disability Issues - The proposed development could be designed so that it would be accessible for disabled persons.



In conclusion, the principle of redeveloping the site would be sustainable and would increase the density of development in this location.  There are however significant issues that need further consideration in respect of the siting, form and design of the proposed development.  Advice is awaited about whether the increase in units on the site would affect highway safety in the area and whether there is a need for the proposed dwelling mix in this location.  It is recommended that members make a site visit.



Committee Site Visit.



Galmpton Residents Association had a meeting to advise and discuss the major planning application submitted by Yarlington Homes to Torbay Council for redevelopment of the Hillrise Estate in Galmpton. It was noted that a revision was made to the planning application recently which included construction of 3 storey flats on the land. There was a good attendance at the meeting by mostly residents of Hillrise and it seemed that all were against the planning application mainly due to the fact there were flats included in the scheme. Also they felt there would be an increase in traffic into the village and Hillrise Estate which is already having a problem with vehicles driving too fast. (A petition has been forwarded to Torbay Council requesting a lower speed limit of 20mph to try and combat the problem). Torbay Council have announced that the deadline for objecting to the planning application has been extended to 13th January 2006.

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