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  • The association shall be non-political non-sectarian and such subjects shall not be discussed.

  • To protect and preserve the rural characteristics and amenities of the village and its surroundings.

  • To liaise with other local or national bodies whose objects are of a similar nature.

  • To represent and negotiate on behalf of the village in matters pertaining to the above.

The full constitution of the GRA can be found HERE.


Current campaigns


Galmpton is a vibrant and active community with many of you already volunteering in a number of ways supporting a wide range of organisations and groups. Galmpton Residents Association has a core of very able and willing helpers, but is realising the urgent need for more support in this coming year particularly preparing our local Neighbourhood Plan. We are putting out a plea for volunteers who may consider helping whether it’s for just an hour or a regular commitment for a period of time. Thank you to John Risdon of the Local History Group who has, at very short notice, helped out already!
Project 1 - Galmpton Warborough Common
Action to stop the travellers using the Common was brought up by Cllr Mills under AOB at the AGM of the CGB Community Partnership in June. There was general agreement that urgent action was needed to stop the travellers annual invasion. Mention was made of boulders or ditch but no actual proposal was made or voted upon. Within a couple of days of this meeting, Mr Richard Haddock, was contracted by Torbay Council to dig a ditch around part of the seaward side of the Common and create a bank, without any further consultation with residents. These initial efforts worked to some extent in that the next group of travellers could not get on – but they then moved onto the Common by the surgery. Unfortunately a later group of travellers found a weak spot on the seaward side, breached the ditch and bank and gained access. This breach has now been repaired.
There is now concern that the bank urgently needs attention to control weeds. Cllr Derek Mills attended the last GRA committee meeting with all this information and asked the Chair to organise a community working party to carry out immediate essential maintenance. In addition, as a suggestion from GRA, it was agreed a small Galmpton Warborough Common Group should be set up which would include a Torbay Council representative and Mr Mike Tooze of Elberry Farm. Mr Haddock has been further charged to dig a ditch and bank around the smaller section of the Common next to Langdon Lane but hopefully this has been put on hold until the Group has met. This Galmpton Warborough Common Group would set out some strategies to prevent further ad hoc action being taken again on the Common without wider consultation with stakeholders and consideration of the effect any action will have on the land as an important example of a lowland grassland habitat.  Although the Council have paid Mr Haddock for the work he carried out, there is no actual budget for management of the Common other than the routine cutting of verges. So volunteer helpers are needed for:  1. Working Party to weed ditch and 2. Group to draw up Galmpton  Common Management Strategy. Please email Marilyn Everitt
Project 2 - Galmpton Traffic Calming
To further our project on Traffic Calming through the village we would like to hear from anyone with an issue to do with the traffic through the village and their ideas for a solution to that issue. No matter how big or small – from widening a pavement, to a one-way system. We want our project to include as many ideas as possible, to then go on and prioritise our campaigns. Please email If you have no email – then please drop a line to Alan Knight, c/o the Manor Inn.
Project 3 - Neighbourhood Planning
The Neighbourhood Planning process has now begun in earnest with Torbay Council Strategic Planning Dept. providing the necessary expertise. Ki Barnes - Clerk to Brixham Council is gathering up the information each month. Last month each group was asked to provide photos and quotations from residents reflecting what they liked about living in their village. We would very much like you to contribute your own quotations and send us photos of places you like. GRA have set up a dedicated email for receiving information for the Plan: We particularly would like quotes from the younger members of the village. They will not be identified further than “Jenny, age 10 likes living in Galmpton because…..”
Project 4 - Windy Corner Project Group
The new Community Partnership Steering Group, which was voted in at their last AGM has a majority of members from Churston. It is strongly partisan with a very active resistance to the proposed developments at the Golf Club and Brokenbury. The Steering Group, however, also voted to set up a Project Group to look afresh at the issues concerning Windy Corner, assuming that a Traffic Relief Scheme is necessary, and doing nothing is not an option. GRA is working hard to retain within these discussions the four points agreed by GRA-AGM (No loss of Common; don’t move the bus stop; safe and easy access to the village; zebra crossing on the slip lane).

Latest news from GRA

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Galmpton in pictures

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