September 2003 Newsletter

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Many thanks to Shaun Amey ­ GRA Newsletter Editor


Construction work began on 21st July and is scheduled to complete by 10th October. Priority was given to work at the bottom end of Galmpton Glade, to ensure that Greenway Road was fully usable before the primary school re-opened. The scheme does not now include a new culvert under Old Road, due to the complexity of other services in the area. The scheme at Manor Court has been altered because of practical difficulties in enabling vehicle access to Manor Farm, at the entrance to the existing culvert. On completion of works, custodianship of the watercourse will be transferred from Torbay Council to the Environment Agency. Their responsibilities and those of riparian owners will be addressed at that time.     TOP


Trustees of the War Memorial Playing Field are currently facing a number of problems. Local fundraising for the new pavilion has been good, but support from prospective user groups, to enable a strong business case for grant allocations, has been slow. The state of the existing pavilion is not good and essential repairs are a drain on limited resources. A volunteer Facility Manager is being sought to ensure proper control, servicing and maintenance of the facility, and to press on with the new pavilion project. Someone is urgently needed to fill this position.    TOP


A start was recently made to dismantle the old treatment works. The core of one bed was largely removed and then work came to a halt. Temporary fencing erected at the removal point is tempting for youngsters and there are health concerns over the disturbed beds. A letter has been sent to South West Water to find out when work will recommence and be completed, and to obtain an update on disposal of the site.

There have also been problems with performance at the new pumping station. Strong sewage smells have emanated from a storm discharge connection to an open chamber of the Galmpton stream, and a small amount of raw sewage has been reported at the outfall to the River Dart. A letter has been sent to South West Water asking for a flap valve to be fitted to the storm discharge pipe, and for more information on the design and operation of the station.    TOP


Traffic direction works agreed with Torbay Council in 2001/2002 have now been completed with the installation of Langdon Lane signs at the junction with Stoke Gabriel Road. Agreed safety works were completed in 2002 but frequent damage to the 'pedestrians on road' warning sign at the bottom end of Stoke Gabriel Road has caused its relocation to the junction with Kiln Road. The lamppost on which it was mounted has been removed and the lamp relocated to an adjacent telegraph pole. Problems regrettably remain in the heart of the village, caused by HGVs and with the high speed of some commuters and industrial service vehicles. The north/south rat run will undoubtedly get worse with the prospective, 2005 relocation of South Devon College campus to Nortel House, unless urgent action is taken now by Torbay Council. This issue will be pursued.   TOP


In the meantime, householders are reminded that hedges and undergrowth should be kept in check and remain within the boundary of their property whether there is a pavement or not as this would contravene the Road Traffic Act apart from obscuring road signs or reduce road width for traffic. Very often growth over-hanging pavements can be a major problem especially where a hedge is tall. In the past residents have nearly had their faces scratched with possible danger to eyes. A couple walking together should be able to remain on a pavement side by side. And of course mothers with push prams need the width of pavements. Disabled people need it too, and for people with bad eyesight even if not blind it is dangerous if there is a width restriction   TOP

PUBLIC TRANSPORT      (Public Bus service from Galmpton)

The latest attempt at regular, subsidised public transport for the village has been withdrawn through lack of support, but the route was really not helpful for Galmpton people. The Greenway Hoppa continues to provide a restricted service from March to October. this issue is being pursued with Torbay Council.  TOP


The GRA is very concerned about the future prospect of vehicular access being granted by Torbay Council to individuals, over 'our Common' to the Windmill.

The GRA has supported Mr Lockyer, of Higher Warborough Road, in his opposition to regular vehicle access across the Common to the old mill. The grant of such an application hinged on undisclosed evidence presented to the applicant. Counsel's opinion - commissioned by GRA - has been copied to the Councilors for Churston with Galmpton ward, David Browne and Nick Bye. They are hoping to meet shortly with Mr Norman/Head of Legal Services for Torbay Council, to discuss this issue. With regards to the future, an exposition of the scheme of management for the Common, which lays down the rules to be followed by Torbay Council, may be of interest to those who live within the old Parish of Churston Ferrers (and neighbourhood). Let us have your views please.    TOP


The Village Institute has recently had its 'gents' toilets refurbished, at some considerable cost. Now more funds are required to deal with the 'ladies'. If you would like to help towards funds or would like to hire the Hall (£8 per hour for the whole hall) for a wedding reception or other social gathering, please contact Mrs Renwick (01803 843364). For details of features and events, please view the institute's notice board.    TOP

Churchwarden's Morris Dancers - Galmpton Gooseberry Morris Men

Did you know that The Churchwarden's Morris Dancers, who appear each year at the Gooseberry Pie Fair, are looking for new recruits? The Churchwarden's Dancers ­who are considering a name change to Galmpton Gooseberry Morris Dancers - have reached a stage where they cannot continue if they do not recruit new members. Their oldest member will soon be 80, and the vast majority of the others have reached their 'prime'. Those interested in keeping the tradition of Morris dancing alive in Galmpton should contact Pat Dillon on (01803) 842176. Evening practices are to commence in October - so step forward and show what you are made of!   Click here for Gooseberry Pie Fair pictures        TOP

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The GRA is currently collecting annual subscriptions of £2 per household. This money goes toward meeting the objectives of the GRA, and the matters outlined on this sheet. In addition this newsletter is funded from your subscription to the GRA ­helping towards the cost of photocopying and other administrative expenses. GRA Collectors should soon be calling on you to collect subscriptions. Alternatively, to pay your subscription simply click here to print out a form to be completed and placed together with your £2 at The Post Office with Gary or Kay Dear who have kindly agreed to help in this matter. (provided that the cash is in an envelope with details of the subscriber, they would be very happy to receive donations at the Post Office).   TOP

Post Office

A message from Gary Deare of Galmpton Village Post Office

'The transfer of pensions and allowance books over to the Post Office Card Account is now well underway. For those villagers who have undertaken the time consuming exercise I thank you for your patience and continued support. For those of you still awaiting your letter please remember to come and see or telephone me on 842148 before you proceed to fill out any paperwork. The process is still ongoing and will take at least another twelve months.

For those villagers who are not effected by Direct Payment, the introduction of pin pads into Post Offices allows us to operate as a bank. The Post Office has commercial contracts presently with three banks, Barclays, Lloyds/TSB, and Alliance and Leicester to allow their customers free access to their accounts. Funds can be withdrawn either by debit card or cheque book, whilst we also accept payments of cash or cheques into accounts. Balance enquiries are also available on some accounts. For three other banks, the Co-op, Smile, and Cahoot, we offer the above service with the present exception of debit card withdrawals.

The future of this and all Post Offices will be decided by how quickly a local community starts to make use of the new banking arrangements to replace the loss of business from pension and allowance books. Please come down and find out how easy these services are to use, and while you are here why not check out our foreign currency, traveler cheque and travel insurance services.    TOP


We have not been able to find a woodworker to make a replacement notice board for the top of Langdon lane. If there is someone out there that can help, please contact Margaret Packer Tel 845101


Galmpton Residents Association urgently seeks help from fellow villagers. If you would like to become personally involved in its work. or serve on its volunteer committee please contact Paul for more information.  Meetings are held 2 or 3 times a year in the evening at The Manor Inn.


Volunteers are needed to provide web pages covering aspects of the village wildlife, history, sport etc (Any help in producing text or pictures for these topics can either be sent to Paul Savin by e-mail or put through his door)

Thank you for taking an interest in our village and reading this Newsletter

Also many thanks to Joan Mazumdar (Past Chairwoman GRA)



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