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 17/12/07  Wedding Anniversary

On 27th December, 'Mac' and Joyce Madkins will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. Merry Christmas and congratulations to Mac and Joyce from everyone in Galmpton Residents' Association and all the residents of Galmpton. Photo courtesy of Stewart Miller.


 29/11/07  School Christmas Fayre

The local primary school is holding its Christmas Fayre next week to raise funds for the school.
Please tell everyone you know to come and support this worthy cause and join the fun !

 Galmpton C of E Primary School
 Parent Teachers Association
 Friday 7th December 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

  • Big Prize Raffle ~ Santa's Grotto

  • Chocolate Fountain ~ Christmas Puddings

  • Toys & Gifts ~ Cards ~ Jewellery ~ Crafts

  • Refreshments ~ Homemade Cakes

  • School Class Stalls

If you would care to donate items to be sold at the Fayre then they need the following:
 ~ Good Quality Toys ~ Unwanted Gifts ~ Bottles & Tins of Food ~ Raffle Prizes >>> by Thur 6th Dec.
 ~ Homemade Cakes >>> on Thur 6th or Fri 7th Dec.
Please contact the PTA via the school office
or the PTA Chairman by E-mail


 28/9/07   Fatal accident in Churston (pic shows flowers at roadside)

The Galmpton Residents Association would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Julius Dodd, who so sadly died as a consequence of the accident at the junction of Greenway road and Brixham Rd on Monday 24th September..


The real tragedy is that this accident did not need to happen. We are led to believe from reports, that if traffic lights and a lower speed limit were in place the outcome might have been less serious. 


We have been campaigning for a number of years to improve safety in the village of Galmpton and surrounding roads.  Petitions to the council have been signed by hundreds of residents.  Residents have written to their MP’s. Councillors and Officers have been lobbied.  Unfortunately, although we get a polite sympathetic hearing and superficial street layout options are offered, we are always told by our Councillors and Highways officers that no action can be taken to reduce speed limits unless there is a record of serious accidents.

In June this year an 87 year old died of injuries sustained from a car accident at this junction, and prior to that there have been a catalogue of accidents and near misses to vehicles and pedestrians. The junction is heavily used as the main gateway to and from the Grammar and Primary schools for parents and children from Brixham and Paignton. The junction is appallingly laid out, with offset sub-junctions from Bridge Rd, and the Weary Ploughman pub. All right turns are hazardous, and turning out of Greenway Road towards Brixham involves crossing 3 lanes of busy traffic completely unprotected.  .We also feel that pedestrian crossings on all branches of the junction would also make it safer for mothers walking young children to the local primary school.


We call on Mayor Nick Bye and Torbay Council to wake up to the urgency needed to make this dangerous junction safe, and prevent the heartache of another family losing a partner, parent, son or daughter at this terrible road junction. Please do the sensible thing and introduce traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, and reduce the speed limit along this stretch of the Brixham road to 30mph now. Could we also ask that the works are personally supervised by a senior officer to make sure that the installation takes significantly less than the 6 months it took to get the Long road traffic lights and junction changes completed?


Read GRA's action in the winter newsletter.





Firemen made a surprise visit to Dart View Road last night for training on the derelict houses before they are about to be demolished (SEE ITEM BELOW)


Demolition work will be commencing on Hillrise and Dart View Road next week which will involve the use of some heavy plant and machinery,

Site manager for Connaught Partnerships Ltd Mr Neil Leggett said that they would appreciate nearby residents' co-operation during this period by exercising due caution, especially with young children and pets around the construction site. He also said that the building of 12 flats and 2 houses are expected to be completed by the end of the year and he apologises for any inconvenience while the work is in progress

If you would like any more information regarding these works Neil can be contacted on  07795 617397 between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday

 9/7/07  Torbay Council repair kerb on the Common

At long last Torbay Council have repaired the kerb on the Common at Windy corner. For some time now the Common has been eroded by vehicles cutting on the inside of queuing traffic from Brixham which at times has been quite dangerous. The new kerb looks high enough to deter vehicles from squeezing through but it remains to be seen wither it will do the job!




Demolition of the derelict houses on Hillrise and Dart View Road will begin in the next few weeks to make room for the development of new flats. More details will become available shortly...






We are pleased to report that sufficient new Committee Members came forward at a Special General Meeting on 16 May to make the Committee viable to continue active work on behalf of the village. We still have no full Chairperson, but Gordon Batten will act as “Convenor” for the committee.  Peter Royle and Paul Crocker are to be Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. Other new members Richard Boyles, and Steve Davies, join Chris Batten, Helen Boyles, Chris Collins, Delia Hales, Margaret Packer, and Paul Savin. There are still vacancies for anyone else interested. 


The Committee will meet on Wednesday 6th June 2007 (Click here for details), and will take up existing issues of Traffic through the village, The Common, Windy Corner Junction and the Council’s “sustainable community” planning proposals.  As usual the meeting is open for anyone interested to attend.


In free discussion some useful ideas emerged at the meeting, which the committee will examine further, about communicating with members and increasing awareness and identification with the Association and the village.  


We would like to find a readily recognisable logo or masthead, for instance. Ideas and suggestions (symbolic, abstract, pictorial, monograms, etc?)  are welcome.  Subscriptions £2 will be collected in the Autumn, but can be paid into the Village Stores.  


Convenor: G.Batten 844866; Secretary: P.Crocker


The GRA has protected the Galmpton environment for many years:

  • Created the Conservation Area

  • Prevented large housing developments

  • Stopped the White Rock Business Park spilling into Dart Valley

  • Pushed through flood prevention work

  • Lowered and altered the Hillrise Development

  • Influenced Council decisions on roads, paths, and the Common

We thank all those villagers who have acted and helped us in the past, BUT the Committee is now so few that we CANNOT ACTION current issues, such as the Windy Corner Development & 20-mph Traffic Zone


Without 3 active new Committee Members and a Chairman we will SUSPEND BUSINESS at a General Meeting in the Village Hall at 7:30 pm Wed 16th May unless some Galmpton residents come forward to join the committee!   Read more >>


 26/3/07   Problem with website!

For some reason our website was unavailable for over 1 week but the problem has now been resolved as you can see! Thank you for clicking back

Annual General Meeting 2006/2007

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 29th March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Galmpton and we hope you will be able to attend.

 15/3/07   T-MOBILE PLANS

T-Mobile are proposing to construct a Base Station Antenna at a position near Greenway Road and Dartmouth Road, Galmpton. If you have any comments on this location please contact Torbay Council:


Contacting us by post Connections
Torbay Council
  Town Hall
Castle Circus
Contacting us by email
Contacting us by telephone 01803 201201
Contacting us by fax 01803 207121






We had a meeting with Patrick Carney (Highways Division of Torbay Council) on Tuesday 6th February and discussed the possibilities of having speed restricting gateways in Galmpton. This would not be the sleeping policeman type, although there would be some kind of raised rumble surface constructed in the gateway to slow drivers down, the main object would be to slow traffic down with a narrowing effect. Obviously it would be impossible to install them in some parts of the roads in the village where it is too narrow but where it is feasible traffic could be reduced to a single file or where there is adequate 2 way traffic, a reduced width of road would be created to slow traffic down. Mr Carney stated that a map showing the proposals of between 4 and 6 gateways would be sent to us for approval.  If possible I will display this map on the Galmpton web site and we would appreciate your comments on the idea and the gateway locations.




As regards changing the speed limit to 20mph in the village Mr Carney commented that it could still be a possibility if the Police were to communicate with him over the issue. As this is a long standing request and due to the fact a large majority of Galmpton residents signed a petition for the speed limit GRA have asked him once again to consider this as an urgent priority.

As soon as we have more information we will let you know





To start the year off we have a few pictures of the village taken recently.

Click on the PICTURE INDEX to view them


Please send any old or new pictures you may have of the village by email


Also, If you are a Galmpton resident and can help with news for this website please send an email to Thank you.



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Galmpton in pictures

Take a guided tour round our beautiful village and landscape

Gooseberry Pie Fair 03

Gooseberry Pie Fair 04

The annual event of the Gooseberry Pie Fair held in Galmpton

Galmpton wildlife

In the fields around the village you can see many animals

The old Windmill
Situated on the village common and seen when driving to Brixham

The Village Hall
Used by the community and situated on Greenway Road