15/12/06   Newsletter raises subs for GRA!

Subs collected this year so far total £63. Many thanks to all contributing residents who paid into the village Post Office. The annual audit will be arranged at the end of the year and available at our AGM in January 2007


Please click  HERE to see an  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

 5/11/06       20 MPH Speed Zone

 A meeting was held in the Manor Inn on Thursday 2nd November to discuss the above with Councillor Derek Mills. Several residents also attended and for the first hour of the meeting Derek explained Torbay Councils willingness to introduce Traffic calming measures in the village. This would involve constructing 'Gateways' (narrowing small sections of the road so as only passable by single traffic) near the entrances to the village in order to slow traffic down and make drivers aware they should be driving slower. GRA asked why  Torbay Council couldn't install flashing solar powered signs warning drivers to slow down which would be far more affective. A petition signed by most of the residents of Galmpton for a 20MPH speed zone was sent to the council and It seemed that this solution was approved by all at the meeting.  GRA added that installing 'Gateways' would probably no be cheap and that if it was down to cost they would consider contributing towards these signs.

Derek Mills explained that usually there has to be number of reported accidents over a period of time before Councils put speed restrictions in place. However, he agreed to ask Torbay Council to reconsider as Galmpton was a special case due to the large number of properties and narrow roads which can  make walking through the village a frightening experience if vehicles are travelling faster than 20mph.

It was suggested that there were just 3 or 4 places in Galmpton where flashing speed signs would be very affective including Langdon Lane, Manor Vale Road and Greenway Road.


The Manor Inn has been taken over by Gooseberry Inns Ltd.

Four regulars, all closely involved in the village's famous summertime Gooseberry Pie Fair, have named a new management company Gooseberry Inns Ltd and bought the lease on The Manor Inn. You can read all about The Manor Inn and the takeover by clicking here

September Newsletter

 30/6/06    GRA are about to distribute the September Newsletter which is the second one this year and kindly printed in colour for us free of charge by Torbay Electric Light Co Ltd

You can download the Newsletter word file by clicking HERE then following the on-screen instructions.

 30/6/06     GRA next meeting arranged  (Volunteers needed click HERE)

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th July 2006 at 7.30pm in the function room at The Manor Inn. As a Galmpton resident you are welcome to come along to the meeting


Click here for report on exhibition held at Galmpton Village Institute by Galmpton Residents Association.

Click here to download word document containing Torbay Council Questionnaire and GRA Survey of residents reactions to the proposals

 18/5/06    URGENT NEWSLETTER (Windy Corner Plans)

Click here for Newsletter (word doc) giving details of meeting with Council in Village Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday 30-31 May,  Between 11.00am and -6.30pm (see below)

 18/5/06    GRA letter to Torbay Council

We wrote a letter to Torbay Council complaining that there was insufficient warning of their recent Windy Corner exhibition ( *see below) and asked them for a re-run in Galmpton Village Hall to enable residents to discuss and air their views. Click here to read the letter. Click below to see plans.

PROPOSED SCHEME A AND SCHEME B  (opens in new window)

 16/5/06     * Herald Express article on Windy Corner Junction

Torbay Council have displayed plans of there proposals for improving the junction at Windy Corner. Plans were displayed in the Brixham Connections office and residents were given the opportunity to comment on the alternative schemes...

You can read the article on the Herald Express Website or click here to open a new window showing the article.

GRA are now in the process of obtaining copies of the plans for publishing on this Website. Watch this space!

Comments to GRA by email please:


Planning permission has now been given with additional conditions which can now be seen on the Torbay Council Web site.

Click here to view documents on the Torbay Council Website


Click here to see letter sent by Torbay Council on 30th March 2006 to residents who had written objections to the planning application.

 5/3/06   Illegal Camping on the Common

As a result of residents' concern about litter and illegal camping, GRA have started consultation with the Parks department about the copse near the goalposts on Warborough Common. The Parks department have removed quantities of litter and illegal "tipping".  It is proposed that brambles should be
trimmed somewhat (in keeping with its "wild nature") to allow easier passage by walkers through the middle of the copse. It would then be more of an open amenity and less "private", so hopefully discouraging more undesirable behavior.

 18/2/06   Letter from Chris Gubby Re: 20mph Speed Zone

We received this letter from Chris Gubby at Highways and Engineering Dept, Torbay Council:

I can confirm that our speed recording device is currently in place and when we have the results we will in the first instance discuss them with the Police, who I note through the Neighbourhood Beat manager support the suggested 20mph restriction. With regard to flashing signs, I can say that they can be beneficial where drivers are unfamiliar with the area, however in a location such as Galmpton we tend to find that it is people familiar with the area, commuters, or even residents which give rise to inappropriate speed. Traffic calming, due to its cost, is normally funded from Central Government through the Local Transport Plan where we can show that there is a history of speed related collisions.  Having looked at the collision records for the village supplied by the Police there would not appear to be any related to speed. One other point I would make is that traffic calming by its very nature, i.e. humps, advance signing, lining and illumination tend to organise a situation, something I would suggest would not be appropriate in an attractive rural village such as Galmpton.

 I hope this information is of some assistance.


Riviera Housing Trust have submitted a new planning application to Torbay Council which can be seen on their Website. The revised plan excludes the original 3 story flats and just off road parking in place of the small service road off Dart View Road. More details will follow shortly.

GALMPTON NEWSLETTER: It was unfortunate that on the day the newsletter was printed we discovered new plans had been submitted to Torbay Council regarding the proposed redevelopment in Hillrise/Dart View Road  and therefore it was too late to alter the newsletter to include details.

Click here to view documents on the Torbay Council Website


 13/2/06    Galmpton Residents Association AGM will be held in the Village institute on Friday March 10th at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

 30/1/06  Minutes of Torbay Council Meeting held 23/1/06

P/2005/2136/MPA, Land At 9-11 Dart View And 37-40 Hill Rise, Brixham

14 Dwellings (12 Flats And 2 Houses)

The principle of redeveloping the site would be sustainable and would increase the density of development in this location.  There are however significant issues that need further consideration in respect of the siting, form and design of the proposed development...  More >>

 26/1/06  Reply from Torbay Council over petition for 20 mph Zone.

Following your submission of a petition of a 20mph speed zone in Galmpton, I can now advise you of the Council’s decision. 





The Strategic Director for Community Services, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Community Services, has reviewed the petition referred to him for decision by full Council at its meeting on 23rd November 2005. 

The decision made is as follows:-

(1)           Petition requesting that Galmpton Village is converted into a 20mph speed restriction zone. 

Officers are to discuss the request with the petition coordinator, in order to identify the locations in Galmpton Village where the petitioners consider there is a speeding problem.  Speed recordings will be taken at these locations, prior to a decision being made on the request for the introduction of a 20mph speed restriction zone.

Reason for Decision

The petitions were referred to the Strategic Director for decision, in consultation with the Cabinet Member.  Each decision was made after consideration of the issues set out in the petitions.


 The accident data for Galmpton Village has been reviewed, which shows that there is no significant accident record with only one slight injury collision occurring in the last five years.  For a 20mph speed restriction to be implemented and enforced, the Police require traffic calming measures to be introduced for the speed restriction to be effectively self-enforcing.  Traffic calming measures would “urbanise” the village and the petition co-ordinator states that these measures should not be required.

Currently, there is no recorded vehicle speed data for the roads in the village.  Although the accident data suggests that speeding is not a problem, it will be useful to have vehicle speed data available to provide evidence in the further discussions with the petition co-ordinator and the Police about vehicle speeds in the village.

Michael J Yeo                                                                           

Strategic Director for Community Services

20th January 2006

Galmpton Residents Association will be holding a meeting shortly to discuss the above and we will endeavour to instruct the council of the best locations for the survey.

 23/1/06   Galmpton Youth Project now have the new mini-ramp installed as can be seen, but as the site has not yet been inspected, it is not yet open to the public....   More>>






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