Galmpton Residents Association had a meeting to advise and discuss the major planning application submitted by Yarlington Homes to Torbay Council for redevelopment of the Hillrise Estate in Galmpton. It was noted that a revision was made to the planning application recently which included construction of 3 storey flats on the land. There was a good attendance at the meeting by mostly residents of Hillrise and it seemed that all were against the planning application mainly due to the fact there were flats included in the scheme. Also they felt there would be an increase in traffic into the village and Hillrise Estate which is already having a problem with vehicles driving too fast. (A petition has been forwarded to Torbay Council requesting a lower speed limit of 20mph to try and combat the problem). Torbay Council have announced that the deadline for objecting to the planning application has been extended to 13th January 2006.

Click here to view documents on the Torbay Council Website


It was bought to the attention of GRA that a person (possibly a resident of Galmpton) was spraying/painting graffiti on signs and in the road etc around Galmpton. If you know who this person is or suspect someone of this act please contact PC4383 Glen Chambers in the strictest confidence to enable him to make enquiries and hopefully free the village of this outcast in our society. Glen can be contacted on telephone number 01803 844120 or in person at the Police Surgery held in the village (details of dates are on the village notice boards)


Galmpton Residents Association will be having a meeting on Thursday 29th December 2005 at the Manor Inn at 7.30pm to advise on and discuss the major planning application submitted by Yarlington Homes to Torbay Council on the 12th December for redevelopment of the Hillrise Estate in Galmpton. All residents are welcome to attend and we will be pleased to give the best advice possible.


There was a major planning application submitted by Yarlington Homes to Torbay Council on the 12th December for redevelopment of the Hillrise Estate in Galmpton.

You can view the application details on the Torbay Council Website or at the Council offices. The application reference is 2136 and you can comment on it by visiting the Torbay Council Website, clicking on this symbol  ≥  (under Click to view) and then click on SUBMIT COMMENTS....

Or write to Torbay Council quoting reference number PA/2005/2136 MPA 

Should this redevelopment go ahead it could have a detrimental effect on our village particularly with the increase in traffic. As it was only recently that the application was submitted you may have to revisit their Website as Torbay Council is constantly updating it. But please take a good look at the details and comment at your earliest convenience

 26/11/05  GRA Committee  members attended the Torbay Council Meeting at Oldway Mansion on 23 November to present our Petition for 20 mph zone.
There were just 3 petitions put forward to Torbay Council, including ours signed by 403 residents for a 20mph speed limit in Galmpton, which  was also supported by independent letters from local schools.

Gordon Batten told the Councillors that the signatories were a large proportion of the village and were collected in less than 2 weeks. He outlined the main reasons for the new speed zone: that pedestrians are frightened by vehicles moving too fast for conditions, through the narrow lanes  without footpaths, and round blind bends; this inhibits people walking children to school;  walking to the shops, and walking dogs; residents should be able to enjoy their village environment.  A limit  would  improve road safety especially on the 3 main routes through the village, being Langdon Lane, Greenway Road and Stoke Gabriel Road. Gordon received warm applause from the councillors and the Chairman stated that the petition would be forwarded to the relevant department for consideration. We hope to bring you confirmation of the new speed zone in the near future!

 31/10/05  November 2005 Newsletter will be delivered to your door soon!

Includes letter (below)  from Torbay Council regarding petition for 20mph speed limit in village!


‘Dear Mr Savin, The Council’s Standing Orders provide that members of the public may submit petitions (with over 25 signatures) to a meeting of the Council. Petitions must be submitted by 4pm, ten clear working days before the meeting. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd November 2005. Council meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend the meeting held at Oldway Mansion (in the Ballroom) and is due to commence at 5.30pm. In addition, a member of the public may also speak for a total of three minutes in support of a petition. If you wish to execute your right to speak at the meeting, please let me know in writing by 4pm, 9th November 2005. I would add that all petitions submitted to a Council meeting are referred to the appropriate body (the Executive, Council Committees or a Council officer), without debate, for consideration. Yours sincerely, Amanda Reed, Assistant Democratic Services’

 2/9/05   20 mph ZONE PETITION UPDATE

Literally hundreds of residents have signed a petition to reduce the speed limit in Galmpton! GRA will be sending the petitions to Torbay Council urging them to immediately install 20 mph zone signs in and around the village. Many of the signatures on the petitions were obtained by the efforts of a young lady named Emma living in Langdon Fields! GRA are very grateful for her support and assistance. Thanks Emma ;)

 12/8/05    Gooseberry Pie Fair 2005 Photos !

The Gooseberry Pie AGM is on Tuesday 30th August at 7.30pm in the Barn Hall, above the Chapel opposite the Village Institute.

All are welcome to come and have a say in the running of the Fair next year (2006).


Galmpton Residents Association is concerned by the danger due to traffic throughout the village and we are petitioning for the whole village to be made a 20mph zone. More >>

 27/6/05      GALMPTON FLORAL DAY SEPTEMBER 4th 2005

Click here for details of what's happening on Galmpton Floral Day!

 24/6/05     MEETING HELD ON WEDNESDAY 22nd JUNE 2005

Chris Collins chaired this meeting held at The Manor Inn on a hot summers evening. The Minutes were taken by Christine Batten and will be available to view on this web site in the next few weeks.

In brief we discussed:

  • The Green belt area on the North Eastern side of Galmpton (running from Stoke Gabriel road up to the ring road) and the privately owned field adjoining it. We will make further investigation into the ownership of this field with concerns should the owners attempt to develop it.

  • Helicopter pleasure flights which seems to have not taken off as much as we thought it would! However we will be taking action as well as monitoring the situation especially with the school holiday period approaching.

  • Solving traffic problems in the village such as speeding and parking in areas where people are in danger of being injured. In conjunction with our own activity, It was decided that we should request the opinion of the residents by asking them to sign a petition which we would send to Torbay Council for the right action to be taken.


A public meeting was well attended at the village institute on the 27th April 2005 following the non-statutory hearing last February.

The meeting was called to highlight the Inspectors report (ref SKC/A1615) now available from 7th April 2005. Apparently the Devon County Council are legally required to make this report automatically available to those listed in Appendix A i.e. Appearances, 13 names in total. Representations by 6th May 2005 on this report are invited to Mr. S K Clarey for County Solicitor, Devon County Council County Hall Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD: Late submissions may be accepted.

It became clear at this meeting that if an interpretation by the Inspector is not what a written submission had intended, then those without sight of this report are disadvantaged. As a result some resubmissions will be made.

An action group has been formed, those unable to attend this meeting and any other interested parties are welcome to contact Chairman Brian Moudley Tel: 843745

Delia Hales


A PUBLIC MEETING TO DISCUSS FOOTPATH 52 WILL BE HELD AT 7.30pm ON WEDNESDAY APRIL 27TH 2005 AT GALMPTON VILLAGE HALL. The meeting is about the footpath by the Old Mill House. Kingswear Parish Council has called the meeting but it is hoped that a Galmpton Action Group might be formed. Please pass this message on to other residents. Thank you.




A number of residents have reported back that their request to Torbay Council (TC) for an official complaints form has been declined, referring them to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) instead!


THE GRA COMPLAINTS RECORD SLIP: Please write your name and address plus date of reply from Torbay Council to the slip address.



  1. Date and time.

  2. Nature of nuisance.

  3. When you start a log drop a note with your name and address to 5 Galmpton Glade for future contact.


Enquiries are in progress with the CAA, Torbay Council and local councillors.


For future interim updates check GRA website


GRA Contact: Delia Hales Tel: 845994


Our Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 16th March 2005 in the Village Institute and was attended by about 40 residents including Councillors Nick Bye and Dave Browne. Many thanks to David Barr who opened up the Hall and assisted with the setting up of chairs and tables.Chris Collins chaired the meeting and began by welcoming everyone and apologies were given for those unable to attend. He also read the minutes from the last AGM held on Friday March 12th 2004 and gave a brief report on GRA activities since then.Treasurer Paul Savin gave a report which included the GRA Newsletter, Village Website and the financial transactions.

Paul presented a framed picture of The Old Windmill painting by George Bedford (1850 - 1920) to Paul Burnett and Chris Collins in appreciation for their duties to GRA throughout the past year.Chris Collins asked if there was anyone willing to stand for election as Chairperson or Secretary but unfortunately nobody came forward. Chris said he would be prepared to continue to Chair the meetings and help out when possible due to his work commitments and Paul Burnett agreed to continue serving as secretary for the time being while GRA are looking for his replacement.

The issue of the Helicopter rides and Traffic problems in the village were discussed at some length and full details will be in the minutes which will be published shortly on the internet.



A £100,000 legacy will leave a lasting trail to honour a South Devon man. ....From Totnes the trail would join the Dart Valley Trail, through Ashprington, Bow Bridge to take in the creek, Cornworthy and then on to Dittisham. A year-round passenger ferry across the River Dart would be available to continue to the route to Greenway Quay and on to the National Trust gardens at Greenway, once the home of ....

 14/2/05  2005 Galmpton Residents Association AGM

We are pleased to inform you that our Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th March 2005 in the Village Institute at 7.30pm. All residents are welcome to attend.


Traffic in the village:

The current committee is not in favour of creating the village gateways or speed bumps/chicanes that are used in some villages because of the noise, signs, road lines and lighting that are associated with them. The current difficulties may also increase with the re-siting of South Devon College or as Dartside Quay expands. Hence traffic may be a topic that you wish to discuss at the A.G.M!


Next month Dartside Quay are having the Resnova along side for two months to be refitted and hopefully an update on the task in hand will be shown on this website!

There is now a villagers discount for trailer boat storage and slipway usage during summer at Dartside Quay and they offer a set fee of £75 for boats up to 7m for the months April to September. 


The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th February at 7.30pm in the function room at The Manor Inn



If you have any comments on any of the above please contact our Secretary or send an email to






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