The village has a Saxon origin, around 700AD, and derives its name from the word "Gafolsman," meaning a rent paying peasant. The earliest known spelling was Galmetona, which is recorded in the Domesday Book.

The old rhyme "In eighteen hundred and seventy three, the people of Galmpton did agree, to hold a Gooseberry Pie Fair" dates the first known Fair, although records suggest that it had been held before then. Why gooseberries? No-one knows, but the Fair was held again 50 years later, in 1923, and then in 1951for the Festival of Britain celebrations. The Fair then ran annually from about 1968 to 1983, on the Memorial Recreation Field opposite Churston Grammar School.

In 1995 the Fair was re-launched as a street Fair where it is today, in the heart of Galmpton, taking advantage of the network of roads that can be closed for the event. It is run as an afternoon of fun for the village. Most of the stalls and events, however, are raising money for local charities. At the Annual General Meeting of the Fair Committee any surpluses are donated to local good causes.


2003 Gooseberry Pie Fair

2004 Gooseberry Pie Fair

2005 Gooseberry Pie Fair

2006 Gooseberry Pie Fair

2007 Gooseberry Pie Fair

To get involved next year, please contact Martin Ridge (01803 844927) or Gary Deare in the Post Office (01803 842148)







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Galmpton in pictures

Take a guided tour round our beautiful village and landscape

Gooseberry Pie Fair 03

Gooseberry Pie Fair 04

The annual event of the Gooseberry Pie Fair held in Galmpton

Galmpton wildlife

In the fields around the village you can see many animals

The old Windmill
Situated on the village common and seen when driving to Brixham

The Village Hall
Used by the community and situated on Greenway Road