GOOSEBERRY PIE FAIR  (Sunday 6th July 2003)    

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Churchwarden's Morris Dancers - Galmpton Gooseberry Morris Men

dancing in the car park of The Manor Inn. Did you know that the Churchwarden's Morris Dancers are looking for new recruits? They have reached a stage now where they cannot continue if they do not recruit new members. Their oldest member will soon be 80!, and the vast majority of the others have reached their 'prime'. Those interested in keeping the tradition of Morris dancing alive in Galmpton should contact Pat Dillon on (01803) 842176. Evening practices are to commence in October - so step forward and show what you are made of !

Hundreds of people enjoyed the music and dancing

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Gooseberry Pie Fair 03

Gooseberry Pie Fair 04

The annual event of the Gooseberry Pie Fair held in Galmpton

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The old Windmill
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