Galmpton Floral Project

Update October 20th 2004


The clearing of the area around the Jubilee Tree in April / May this year and the subsequent creation and planting up of a rockery, has proved an out and out success gaining many appreciative comments from both villagers and visitors alike. Thanks to the efforts of a small band of interested members from the Floral Day Working Party, it has been kept weeded and watered throughout the summer providing a constant variety of floral colour and interest. Wonderfully, there has been no vandalism, hope we do not speak too soon!


A fortnight ago, kindly helped by some unsolicited children, the summer bedding was removed and replaced by polyanthus and violas that were purchased using some of the money put aside for the project from that raised by Floral Day 2004. These, together with the  winter heathers and some generously donated autumn cyclamen and winter flowering pansies, have given new colour to the bed. At the same time, primroses and miniature daffodil bulbs which we were kindly given, were planted together with a further purchase of tete a tete daffodils, botanical tulips, snowdrops, crocus and scilla. If weather, mice and squirrels allow Spring should be a picture under the Jubilee Tree!


A week ago, moving into the next stage of the project, three of us mass planted up the grass triangle at the bottom of Langdon Lane with crocus,  mixed daffodils and narcissus, an easier task than we had anticipated, perhaps the unseasonable wetness of  August had softened the earth!!. If they all grow it should provide a colourful splash of spring colour at this much used village road junction. Again, the bulbs had been purchased using Floral Day funds. However we have some bulbs left over to which since have been added another donation of daffodil bulbs so we plan to extend the spring  planting to the grass strips at the top of Langdon Lane and at the junction of Manor Vale and Greenway Road, energy prevailing!


Some excellent news is that Stuart Ruffe, Headmaster of the Primary School, met the local Environmental Officer at a reception , mentioned the Galmpton Floral Project and gained a promise of some money towards floral planting around the village ( to date not received!) If this is forthcoming, one idea ( though probably implemented 2005 rather than this year) is to use it to buy daffodil and narcissus bulbs to plant between the stones each side of the stretch of Langdon Lane that crosses the Common . However any other suggestions gratefully received for consideration!

For more information contact:  (co-ordinator) Jill Memery

Email    Tel 01803 844103





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