Galmpton Residents Association

Protecting Village Life

Churston Golf Club/Bloor Homes Development Proposal

Many Galmpton residents have expressed their concerns about the proposed housing development at Churston Golf Club and the relocation of the clubhouse. Galmpton Residents Association wish to reflect the concerns of its members.

GRA committee feel we are representing majority opinion in stating that we believe the proposed housing development by Bloor Homes, and the re-siting of the Golf Club House on land adjacent to the historic America/Quay lane and public footpath in Churston is unacceptable on the following counts:

1)       For the destructive impact of the proposed Golf Club House development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty unique for its assets both of natural and historic heritage. For the further urbanisation of an area whose rural character is being progressively eroded and therefore demands even more protection.

2)       For an inappropriate density of housing in a restricted coastal area which is already suffering the impact of over-development. 

3)       For a further increase in vehicle movements in an area where traffic congestion is already a problem and where the necessary supportive road infrastructure for the proposed increase is lacking.

4)       For the Golf Club’s alleged lack of transparency on their financial position and objectives, and failure to acknowledge the local unpopularity of the proposal.

GRA is an independent organisation but we nonetheless wish to endorse the current objectives of R.A.G.S and recommend members give their support and follow progress of this development proposal through their website and that of the Churston, Galmpton and Broadsands Community Partnership.

With reference to the recent ‘Community Newsletter’ inviting responses from the Golf Club, we recommend that if you are opposed to the proposed development, you contact R.A.G.S on how to use the form, and whether it would be appropriate to return it.   





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