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20-mph Village-Centre Speed Limit

There was unanimous support from those attending the GRA Annual General Meeting, last April, to step up the campaign for a 20-mph limit in the village.

Torbay Council does not rule out a 20-mph limit in villages in the future.

In the meantime we would like to go ahead with the “20 Is Plenty” campaign.

However, we need your assistance in displaying the posters.


Do you live in the village centre, Greenway Rd, Manor Vale Road, Langdon Lane, or Stoke Gabriel Road?

Are you willing to have a campaign poster in your garden next to the road?

If you can answer YES to these two questions, we would like to hear from you.

We will be launching a press campaign to publicise this, and raise the profile of the campaign in early Autumn 2010, and the campaign will run for a fortnight.

To register your interest please E-mail the, stating your name and address.


Galmpton Traffic & Road Safety and SUSTRANS Visit

The Community Partnership arranged for SUSTRANS to visit the village, and you will shortly be able to read the report about this on the Community Partnership website. SUSTRANS is a charity that promotes sustainable transport. Please visit for more information.

Some areas where there is a need to slow down traffic were identified and we will E-mail GRA members to ask for comments and further suggestions.

Together with the Community Partnership we will be looking into the financial viability of tackling a project in the village ourselves with support from SUSTRANS and Torbay Council.

The new Traffic Calming Gateways appear to have had little effect on reducing speed and the lanes remain as dangerous as ever.

SAT NAV Misdirection

We have received a few communications regarding large lorries being misdirected by Satellite Navigation systems and getting stuck in narrow parts of Greenway Road and Slade Lane. If you have experienced similar problems please let us know, as there may be a case for traffic restrictions to be applied.

Greenway House

We have received a couple of E-mails reporting that traffic to and from N.T. Greenway is getting as bad as last year. Ironically it appears that there has been an increase in the numbers of visitors arriving by Taxi.

A Vintage Bus Service has also started, but it is unclear whether this is having much effect on reducing car journeys yet. We would be keen to hear your views on whether you feel the Greenway traffic situation is improving or worsening throughout the Summer.

Spatial Strategy Cancelled

The GRA committee have been informed that the new Government have cancelled proposals to build 20,000 new homes in the area.

Local authorities are now to set their own house building targets, based on local infrastructure and employment opportunities. The GRA led a large campaign to oppose the Spatial Strategy and we are pleased to hear this common sense approach has been taken.


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