1. The Association shall be known as “Galmpton Residents’ Association”.

 2. Membership is open to all residents on the electoral roll in dwellings or premises within the      Association boundaries that are in the postal area of Galmpton within the postcode TQ5 0XX.

 3. The objects of the Association are:

            (a) The Association shall be non-political, non-sectarian, and such subjects must not be                     discussed

            (b) To protect and preserve the Rural Character and amenities of our village and its                   surroundings.

            (c) To liaise with other local or national bodies whose objects are of a similar nature.

            (d) To represent and negotiate on behalf of the Residents of the Village in matters                               pertaining to the above.

 4. All members are to pay an annual subscription, the amount to be agreed at the A.G.M. Only       paid up members to be entitled to vote at meetings.


      Subscriptions are to be collected by road or district stewards and the Treasurer to account

      for all monies received. Donations welcome.


 5. The affairs of the Association shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of:

     Three Officers:

     Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and not less than five or more than nine Committee


     The Committee shall be elected at the A.G.M. that shall be held in March. A total of 50% of the

      committee members, including the 3 officers, is to form a quorum. The committee shall have

      power to co-opt or form sub-committees for specific objects.

6.         The Executive Committee shall be called together either:

            (a) When the Chairman considers a subject has arisen which should be considered by                     the Committee or

            (b) By the request of Members in writing to deal with subjects within the jurisdiction of                      the Association.

 7.         The Chairman or Secretary shall call a special General Meeting to consider suitable action                and at any time, on receipt of a request in writing, signed by twelve members stating the              object of such a meeting.

8.         The Chairman and Secretary shall keep members advised of matters being dealt with by                 circular or public notice at least once per year.

9.         The Executive Committee, upon resolution, shall have power to take action upon any                                     matter brought to its attention.

10.       The financial year of the Association shall be coincident with the calendar year. The annual               accounts are to be audited by a qualified external person not on the Committee. The             Treasurer shall give a Statement of Accounts at the A.G.M. each year. All cheques drawn              on the Association’s bank account shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated              Committee member.

11.       The Committee shall be able to call upon the expertise of members when desirable.



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